Growing Spirit: Part 2 • Turning Dreams into Reality.

Happy Full Moon & Spring blessings to you!

With the changing times that greet us these days, I hope this finds you taking time for you to plant the seeds of your dreams, and living your life in a way that nourishes your soul and Spirit.

Full Moon in Libra

This process of replenishment is so vital for all of us and also for our beautiful Mother Earth. With the upcoming "Pink Moon" becoming Full in Libra at 2:55 EST, we are being called to shed negativity and focus on what's light and bright... and to work towards balance within our own Universe. To release anything that is holding us back with the energy of freedom fueling the complete transformation. To boldly step forward for ourselves and our Spirit.

My Spirit is calling me to spend more time bringing more joy to my life to share with others. To create and welcome community through our shared love of nature and Spirit.

With Earth Day approaching 4.22.22 (another master energy day!), I think about buds bursting forth and the power of nature to rejuvenate itself. To arise from harsh conditions to unfurl, to stand tall, strong and beautiful yet again.


I'm also dreaming about my plans for Spirit that I hope will do a small part to give back to our Earth Mama and am excited to share them with you.

To me, candles, crystals and nature are essential aspects of my life that I love and always bring me joy... and they do double duty and ALWAYS Lift My Spirit when I am feeling down.


With those elements as seeds for my soul, if you follow us on social media, you likely know that I am happily in the throes of adding a small flower farm to all we do at Spirit.

OF COURSE, we are continuing with our Spirit candles and curated gift boxes, we're just adding one more element to GROW and share with our Spirit Circle community.

The Beauty and Bounty of Flowers!

Over the Winter, I enrolled in Floret Flowers Online Workshop and am happy to now be a graduate of their amazing program that has given me a wonderful foundation to learn how to go from being a grateful gardener to transform into a specialty flower farmer.

This big step is both exciting and daunting!

Like most things we want to do, there is never enough time or resources, but that never stopped me before so why should it now? I AM taking the big leap with both feet, hoping for a soil rich & cushy landing!

Build it and They will Come.

For YEARS, I have dreamt of creating a space where love and magic grows, that hosts charming, yet bespoke experiences for individuals and small groups. A place filled with love and laughter, that creates memories with friends old and new, and loved ones that last a lifetime.

That is what I work towards with Spirit, every single day.

My first step was getting the property.

Now, it's planning the farm and oh how fun that has been! And all the exploration it brings up!

I'm considering...
How the sun moves?
What will it be like when the trees fill in?
Where is the deer path?
Where is the septic (yikes!)?
What kind of experiences do I want to happen now and in the future?
What do I need to make it all happen?
Followed by...
Get real girl, what can I make happen with what I have now?

Together, We're Growing Spirit!

Of course, I crave those beautiful raised beds we all see on lovely farms, but alas that is not in the cards for us this year. Nor was the sod cutter I hoped for so we are starting with our best friend and biggest supporter, our beautiful Mother Earth

Next question becomes, how am I creating nearly 1200' of planting area with no tools, tractor, or labor to help me. Hmmmmm...

Because I live on a country road, I sometimes see farmers on their tractors driving up and down the road. I find it charming. I started visualizing the manifestation of a kind person with a tractor. I should actually say, I started obsessing over it, which is usually how my magic works.

When I can't stop thinking of what I want, and I see every minute detail of it being done... that energy, is pure manifestation magic. 

A few days later, I see a tractor working on my neighbors property, moving fallen trees. I called them and asked... who is working that tractor? This led me into a convo of who is that and what I was trying to do and could the new girl here get an intro? (I always operate with the motto that all anyone could say is no.)

My Amazing Neighbor... Chuck, to the Rescue!


And, he used to own a nursery!! 

 We Broke Ground on the Spirit Field of Dreams!

My soil is beautiful!! I just know the flowers are going to love it.We need to rake the beds and give them a little more compost TLC, but I am so relieved by the quality of my soil.

 I'm envisioning a Sunflower and Dahlia Patch here.

This will be so many blooming beautiful things including, but not limited to:

Bachelor Buttons
Black Eyed Susans
Sweet Peas

+ so so much more...

Seeding Dreams

We currently have nearly 4,000 seeds started and cannot wait to see how we all blossom together in the weeks and months ahead. Excited to share my flower babies with you! 

I hope you enjoy sharing our journey as we seed the dreams of our future for Spirit. It is exciting to share the process with our community... we feel you cheering us on with every candle or Spirit Kit gift box you purchase!

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My sincere thanks to everyone in the Spirit Circle,  our beloved customers that have been so wonderfully supportive of our new chapter. We look forward to sharing even more of nature's enchanting beauty and magic with you!