Lord Ganesha Spirit Gift Set

Designed to Empower Successful New Beginnings + Remove Obstacles,

Our Ganesha Spirit gift set features a beautiful Bronze Ganesha, joined with our Lotus Mala is hand-crafted by women from small villages in Bali and features the individually knotted sacred seeds of Rudraksha.

Perfect for anyone who is interested in Yoga, Self-Love & Care, Wellness, and Meditation practices, each beautiful collection features:

  • Bronze Lord Ganesha Altar Piece • 3"(h) x 2"(w)
  • Rudraksha Lotus Mala • 108 Beads with a variety of tassel color options
  • Palo Santo Ritual Smudge with Roses & Lavender
  • Crystal Clear Crystal Infused Mist for Self & Space Clearing


Lord Ganesha is one of the most distinctive Hindu deities with his large elephant head and pot-bellied human body. He plays a dual role of a supreme being powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive.

Lord Ganesha is an archetype who you may call upon when you’re about to embark on a new endeavor. As the Remover of Obstacles and the god of success, Ganesha is honored throughout Indian and in Hindu cultures, at both secular and religious ceremonies. When someone launches a new business or moves into a new home, for example, the elephant-headed god is invoked to bless the venture.

Widely used as a divine tool of meditation and prayer, the Rudraksha seed is thought to be beneficial for greater health, happiness and help in eradication of evils. It is associated with the reincarnation of the God Shiva and grown in the Himalayan regions like Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Myanmar.


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