Gratitude Spirit Candle

Our GRATITUDE Spirit Candle is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate the spirit of appreciation by igniting a warm, relaxing aroma that is like a sweet, warm hug from a friend.

Infused with a delicious scent of BROWN SUGAR & FIG, this warm, soothing fragrance delivers sweet top notes of ripe fig, caramelized sugar, and a touch of sea salt, while deep brown sugar makes up the heart of this fragrance at its base. 

Infused with the peaceful energy of AMETHYST crystals, stones of healing, calmness and wisdom so that the energy of gratitude also meets with the spirit of calmness during the holiday season or whatever moment calls for love and appreciation.

  • 100% Soy Candle with Cotton Wick. Phthalate Free.
  • Burn Time - 40-60 hours.
  • Reusable glass container with brushed aluminum lid.

Each candle is hand-crafted with love & intention touplift the Spirit of whomever receives it.