Love YOU More • Soulstice Spirit Kit

Our exclusive Love YOU More Spirit Kit designed is an exciting collaboration with inspiring self-worth advocate and empowerment coach, Candice Maskell, that brings personal empowerment and transformation... home.

Love You More Spirit Kit includes:
    • Sunflower •  Flower of Life Crystal grid with raw wood edge, approximately 6" with instructions for use
    • Natural Citrine premium crystal talisman (not dyed),and 8 small tumbled citrine stones for crystal gridding
    • Spirited Collection LOVE YOU MORE Candle in uplifting Citron + Mandarin, featuring Citrine crystals in sunburst design to bring the sin's energy to life each time you light it. Candle features crackling wooden wick, 50-70 hours burn time.
    • SHINE pop open cards featuring 30 positive affirmations and quotes from visionary thinkers
    • LOVE wildflower seeds celebrating PRIDE and reminding us to always plant the seeds of love and watch it grow
    • Keepsake Spirit cards designed for meditation and crystal education
$10.00 Flat Rate US/Domestic Shipping. For External US Territories & International Shipping, Standard Rates and Any Local Tariffs Apply.
LOVE YOU MORE and Give Yourself the Gift of Spirit!

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