Rainbow Moonstone Chakra Bracelet + Moonstone Heart Palm Stone

The power of Rainbow Moonstone helps us calm down amidst challenging times, to let moonbeams soothe us, and to have compassion as we ride the ever changing tides of life. 

Our Rainbow Moonstone Chakra Bracelet
  • Aligns with the moon, the Crown Chakra and Divine guidance.
  • Channels hope, sensitivity and abundance.
  • A luminescent, gentle, feminine, Cancerian energy.
  • A nurturing stone of great empathy and support during trying times. 
  • A stone of new beginnings that reminds us...
  • our only constant is evolution and change. 
  • Invites a more lucid, dream-state while stimulating psychic abilities.
  • Highly valued by monks, shamans, and spiritualists from the pantheon religions.

This beauty is also infused with the energies of Red Jasper (Root), Carnelian (Sacral), Citrine(Solar Plexus), Green Aventurine (Heart), Sodalite (Throat), Lapiz Lazuli(Third Eye) and Amethyst(Crown) to ensure that your energy is energized and balanced when you wear it.

* Moonstone Spirit Card included.

Soul Nourishment
Feminine • Nurture • Calm • Empathy • Dreams

Call of Spirit
My Energy is Tranquil. I Am Cool, Calm, and Collected.
Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet + Palm Stone