Spirit Ritual Deck

We're thrilled to release our first Spirit Ritual Deck filled with love and magic to guide you in practices of taking pause for personal retreat from the hectic pace of life to honor our self and Spirit.

Each deck includes 33 cards designed to empower and to carry us through the Spirit of the seasons and comes in a keepsake linen Spirit pouch:

11 Spirit Ritual Cards• Designed as mini personal retreats easily done in a few minutes or an time of relaxation, each features guidance for us to slow down and practice an exercise of self love and making time for oneself through the power of personal ritual and to align with our own divine energy.

11 Spirit Botanical Cards• Sharing information about the energy of each botanical and what its spirit brings to our daily lives.

11 Spirit Crystal Cards• Sharing crystal education to help you align with the energy of each crystal for your personal wellness.

Each card includes self empowerment affirmation intended to be chanted out loud to remind us of who we are and our strength, beauty and glory in every moment. 


Feeling called to a personal ritual?Pull One Card and explore the exercise included that has been guided to you for your highest and best good from your higher power.

Want to partner with the gifts from Mother Earth? Pull a botanical card and align with the energy suggested.

Know that you need a little crystal love to fortify you? Pull a crystal card or as many as you feel called to align with.

Pull one card from each category and create your own personal retreat at home or wherever you may roam!


Spirit Ritual Deck