Spirited Holiday Collection

Our Spirited Collection is designed for those who love a magical experience of fireside luxury with a heaping dose of intention.

This collection includes all (3) candles of our Holiday Collection:


Our PEACE ON EARTH candle featuring Peppermint + Lapis Lazuli is the candle you want, when you need a dose of invigoration and you're calling in harmony, compassion, and confidence as we traverse unchartered territories towards a brighter tomorrow. Lapis Lazuli is celebrated as a stone of royalty that supports universal wisdom and truth.


Our PROTECTION candle featuring Rosemary & Sage + Black Obsidian is the candle you want, when you're calling in boundaries, safety, and a loving energy of protection around yourself and home. Black Obsidian is revered as the stone of protection and transformation. It brings a shield like energy of protection to any toxicity as it banishes negative energy. Opens new horizons. 


Our Winter Solstice candle featuring White  Birch + Golden Citrine celebrates the spirit of the season as we welcome the light to return and bring brighter days ahead.It has a top note of Eucalyptus + Mint, yet is grounded in the forest goodness of Cypress & Pine with a base of Tonka Bean. Citrine is emulates the Sun's energy and brings warmth and vibrance to its bearer.

Artisan Ritual Craft:

  • 100% Soy Candle
  • Crackling Wood Wick
  • Burn Time - 50-70 hours
  • Phthalate Free
  • Reusable glass container with matching aluminum lid.
  • Handmade in the Catskill Mountains / Hudson Valley region, New York

Each candle is one-of a kind.Hand-crafted with love & intention to energize the Spirit of whomever receives it.


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