Strength Candle

Our STRENGTH Spirit Candle is the perfect gift for anyone that needs that extra boost of fortitude for whatever life change or challenge they may be facing.

Created on the New Moon to maximize its energy, this candle emanates a SPICED INDIAN SANDALWOOD scent, which warms, grounds and energizes the Spirit of any home or office.

Infused with GREEN AVENTURINE to imbibe an energy of protection and prosperity to one's life path. This powerful talisman reinforces leadership qualities and standing tall with the strength needed to keep moving forward despite whatever we may be facing.

  • 100% Soy Candle with Cotton Wick. Phthalate Free.
  • Burn Time - 40-60 hours.
  • Reusable glass container + Silver Lid.

Each candle is hand-crafted with love & intention to uplift the Spirit of whomever receives it.