New Year Greetings from the Spirit House!

We're Raising the Roof for 2022!

Greetings loves!!

A New Year is upon us and brimming with new energy amongst our ever evolving global landscape. We hope it finds you happy, healthy, and taking some time for yourself to reach for the stars to answer the call of your magical Spirit!

Thank You for Shopping Spirit!

We are ever grateful for every candle, crystal, Spirit Kit or gift of Spirit you shared with your loved ones during the holidays.

We are also thankful for our 2021 retail partners for sharing Spirit! We are so excited to G R O W with you for many years to come!

    Spirit is bringing even more of our Dreams to Reality in 2022!

We kicked things off with a new roof, barn renovation, and power to one of our Spirit Barns that we plan to use as an expanded production area for candles and an intimate space to host upcoming workshops and classes. A dream I've had since becoming steward of this special property.

This was an investment we wished we didn't have to make, but as the building was in jeopardy of collapse, it just had to happen and we took the challenge and turned it into an opportunity for us to take a big step forward. 

We had what felt like a sacred opportunity to work with a crew of Amish master craftsman to work on our nearly 130 year old barn. Who better to experience our first barn raising?! So grateful for their expertise for such an intense rebuild that was needed.

They were beyond skilled, open to suggestions and brainstorming when creativity needed to happen as it often does in the midst of a construction project. This was one of the most positive construction experiences we've ever had and we cannot wait to have it all completely organized and ready for action coming Spring 2022!

We installed windows where there were none, to bring the inspiration and energy from the forest and river below into our workspace. We repurposed our old chandelier that used to be in our dining room when we lived in California to elevate the feeling of this magical space... and added 4 pendant lights to bring magic and ambiance to the space while we work.

And... we got outdoor lights so its not pitch black on the driveway at night!

Every one of these steps brings us a little closer to all we dream of and more. We are planning, plotting, and visualizing kicking the barn doors open for small classes and workshops hosted here Spring through Fall and HOPE you would love to spend time with us in the Spirit Barn to make memories that will last a lifetime.

We cannot wait for you to join us to share in the magic of our Spirit Barn located in the beautiful Hudson Valley! 

We Love to Lift Your Spirit!

On the next blog post, we'll share even more exciting updates that are growing with Spirit!